The Wait

It’s 1:00 am. The house is silent – if only my head could be silent too,
The long days, the long nights, get tiring from waiting for you.

I know it will be worth it, that we’ll look back and see,
This journey was for us, that you did it for me.

This call that you answered, is one that very few do,
So we answered the call, and now sacrifice too.

Your mind never stops, always thinking of us,
Waiting to see us again, as you get off that bus.

You fight for your family, for our right to be free,
It presents us with challenges, that we couldn’t foresee.

The sacrifice to be so far away, in a world unknown,
Would make it easy to hide, and to feel so alone.

But you’re not alone, and neither am I,
All we have to do, is look up at the sky.

It’s full of the same stars, the same moon and same sun,
And they’ll keep spinning around until this deployment is done.

You’re not alone, we’ll always be here,
Waiting for you, for you to be near.

You know I’m a dreamer, you tell me this is our fate,
But all I can do is miss you, and think of the wait.

Unpublished work © 2014 Ashley Ella

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